Thank You for visiting the site devoted to my Father. I am glad for everyone who likes his works and feels respect to what he has done. I hope You will excuse me for the meanwhile short information. The site is not finished yet and I am working on it. At the moment You can enjoy only a small part of Egons Spuris’ works – as many as were available to me to be reproduced, but I hope to add there more.

What is the aim of the site?

Firstly, to make Egons Spuris’ works available at least in the Internet media. Of course, it is far from equal with the originals printed by himself but at least something. Secondly, I want to give people opportunity to draw their own conclusions regarding the author and his works. I have read that Spuris is a documentary photographer, a Zen-Buddhist, a chiaroscuro specialist and designer of geometrical lines boasting a precision of a radio-engineer (his education) etc. etc., and only a few words, if any at all, about what is behind the surface. Were it not serious, it would be funny. Having been 30 years beside him and from time to time working together I can judge what corresponds the truth and what not. Meanwhile Spuris’ works are packed in boxes. Since 1990 when he passed away there have been only two exhibitions of his works in Latvia, thus at intervals letting ones talk whatever they want and others believe the first ones. I think this website will solve the issue and everyone will be able draw his/her own conclusions.

Thank You once again for Your visit! Come back again, from time to time the information will be updated.

Egils Spuris